Family & Friends


Robert Hillman:  The girls' father.  He is caring, and a strong leader.  He works at The General Store.

Juliet Hillman:  The girls' deceased mother.  She was loving and compassionate.

Robert Hillman II:  The girls' eldest brother, age 17.  He takes the father figure when their Father isn't home, and takes it very seriously, being extremely strict sometimes.

Jacob Hillman:  The youngest in the family, being 13 years old.  He is adventurous and loves to make mischief.  He loves being with Vanna and planning jokes on people with her.

Grandmother and Grandfather:  The girls' wealthy grandparents who live in New York.


James Cole:  Father's closest friend, they love to speak of politics and liberty together.

Mercy Smith:  The neighbor's granddaughter who has befriended the girls.

Franklin Smith:  The cranky neighbor next door, Mercy's grandfather.

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