The Writers

Hi!  I'm A.J., a Christian, homeschooled 7th grader.  My character is Vanna.  I enjoy writing, music, and photography.  I am part of a photography collab blog called  I love taking pictures and editing them, and I take pictures to show the beauty of God's world through the lens.
I love writing books and scripts.  I am so excited about this blog, it being a writing blog!  
I like listening to and playing music.  I enjoy listening to Christian rap and hip-hop artists including Trip Lee and Lecrae.  I play the piano.
I also have a blog called Through A.J.'s Eyes (
Please see my profile for more information about me!

Hi there! My name is Chrystie! My name is Kat on the blog .
Please view my profile if you'd like to know more!

Hello! I'm Rose. I am the the author of Claire's diary. I am a Christian homeschooled 8th grader. I love Jesus and my family. I love to write and to read. I especially love historical fiction. I also love to make and listen to music. I play violin and take voice lessons.  I also really enjoy going to my local youth bible study!  I enjoy learning about history and am excited to write a historical blog! See my profile for more about me!


  1. So Cool! You guys are great!

  2. I awarded rose and chrystie! (sorry A.J. you awarded me:-) )

    LUVS <3