Friday, January 25, 2013

Claire - January 25, 1775

My Dear Diary,
It has been a most bitter winter. Kat and I have been quite confined within the brick walls of the house, as it is too cold for us to go anywhere.  Snow and ice makes the out of doors most dangerous indeed, but Father will not close the store for anything. And although the two floors of the place are exceedingly difficult to heat, and business has been small, every morn I wake to find him gone, and every evening he returns, red in the face and frozen to the very bone.
Mercy and her Grandfather have resorted to living with us for a spell. Apparantly, the elderly gentleman is in such debt that he cannot aford  firewood and nor can he chop it. Furthermore, they are in such straits, that food cannot be afforded either. With Robert, Jacob, and now Vanna gone, we can most assuredly welcome others into our warm home, especially friends. Mercy has greatly eased the pain of Vanna's going with her arrival. Much of the emptiness these rooms have felt the past few weeks has been filled with our good neighbors love and cheer.

In the evenings, by the light of the sitting room fire, we comfort one another with the warmth of our conversation. There has been much to talk on . The events of 1774 and 1773, have caused such tension in our colonies. The unjust treatment we have received by King George III has caused much talk of independence. Something will happen, we know, for a Continental Congress has met in Philadelphia to discuss the plight of the colonies.

At times, I ask myself: "Why Claire, you, a good English born lass, how can you support the rebellious actions that have been occuring?"
But suprisingly, although Mother is gone, these colonies have become my home. I have grown to love this land and the prosperity it has provided us. I only hope that prosperity and security will continue, and that the impending war that people speak of will never come to pass. Oh! It makes my heart tremble for Robert, who will never back down from a fight if, and when it comes.
But I will not be afraid, for God is our protector, and besides which I'm a patriot. Not just any patriot. No, I am an American patriot, and I'm not afraid to fight for my liberty.

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