Wednesday, March 6, 2013

KAT- March 6, 1775

A sharp knock on the door at 5am threw me out of bed, startled. Last night me and Claire were gathering family memories in our old scrapbook that we've had for years. Our family was all about recording everything and anything even close to exciting that happened to us. I look back at the pages that Vanna and Jacob filled with drawings and pictures of our family they made. They were now tear stained and falling apart from the hard turns of the page, me and Vanna crying over them, and wishing that they were still here. I slipped my embroidered robe Grandmother made me and bolted downstairs, thinking this could be one of Newton's pranks(our bratty, sly next door neighbor). I opened the door to see a burly, tall man with two children in chains behind him. The two kids. Who were they? Was he coming after me? "Is this the home of Evangline and Jacob? The sailer wannabes?" He said. I've heard stories of drunken sailors. This man was the definition of one. He took a huge, sharp weapon and cut the chains viscously. I had a mini heart attack. The two unknown children turned around revealing Jacob...and VANNA!!!!! I had no time to reply as I threw myself into them, hugging them, crying like never before. The man grabbed me and threw me to the ground. Then he ran off. Just like that. I'll never know as long as I'll live why the man did that. I got back up and Vanna tried to chase after him, but Jacob stopped her. They were clearly beaten and bruised by the man, you could see evident scaring. They smelt horrid and looked like they haven't had a bathing in months. Claire and Grandpa rushed into the scene. Jacob and Vanna apologized for running off. They wanted to come back home. While Jacob was on ship duty, he got ahold of the steering wheel and was headed to the direction of our home. By the time the crew woke up, it was too late to head back. We were on our way. The man got mad at them and beat them heavily until they reached where they are now. He just dropped them off. I'm glad they're back. Here to stay. Vanna finished her story of adventures and trials reaching us, while Jacob started his. I'm glad they made it. Alive. Together.

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