Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vanna- April 17th 1775

Dear Diary,
Oh, it's been so long.  So much has happened since I wrote in you last.  First of all, and most important, I'm home.  We were kicked off the ship and brought home by the captain, whom I thought was a man of good character.  He didn't just kick us off, he beat us.  He beat Jacob much worse than I, which in my eyes was not okay.  I would have taken any amount of swats and kicks to protect my brother.
Everyone was ecstatic to have us home.  But the excitement in the air died down quickly as Grandfather came down with something horrid.  He was in bed for weeks.  Sometimes in the middle of the night he'd muster up all his strength and walk downstairs in his sleep, but Father would just catch his arm and lead him right back to bed.  Eventually he started to feel better, a little at a time, and he's still healing.  We think he'll be alright.  We had a visit to the apothecary when it first started and the doctor had no idea what was going on.  Maybe it was just a virus of some sort?  I suppose we'll never know.
On a heavier note, I can feel that something is about to happen.  Something to do with the colonies, though I'm not sure what.  I'll try to keep you posted, diary.  I'll try.

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